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3 months after her Fabulous 100th birthday, my Mom passed on-
she had a long life , filled with blessings -
on her last day she held her newest great-granddaughter,
I am sure she went to sleep happy.

A feisty red head with a hot temper who never finished high school
she would argue with my dad (an attorney) about his cases -
arguments that often ended with dad asking: "where did u go to law school?"

She was tough on me and my sister- we still make our beds
first thing every morning and cannot leave a dish in the sink,
housekeeping habits that we are now thankful for-
I was the unruly one and often got the back of her hand across the face
-if it was the hand with the rings, it hurt!

Ronni and I learned to duck out the way of that hand -
when she was driving - she swiped blindly at us fighting in the back of the car -

It took her 7 tries to pass her driving test -
with me cowering in the back when she practiced for the tests-

When she finally got her drivers license, she …