Sunday, October 27, 2013

Drew _ youngest member of our family ! At the playground in NYC

Friday, October 18, 2013

Corn Maze / Pumpkin Farm with Amie and Jeff, their boys Harrison & Sammy and my sister Ronni

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Grew up in NYC, hung out in the village in the early 60s. Participated in the civil rights and anti-war movements, marched in the streets. Moved to California in 1970 and mellowed out. In California I learned to ski, got SCUBA certified, became a sea kayaking guide and began practicing yoga. Lived north of Big Sur and on a hippie ranch in Carmel Valley near Tassajara Zen Center. Went to the Big Sur Harvest Parties. Inhaled. Spent a winter in Mexico on a funky 26' wooden boat in La Paz. Went to India in 1993 to study with Mr Iyengar. Traveled thru India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore. I take photos, photoshop and upload to the web. I am intrepid and enthusiastic, enjoy rafting, sailing, kayaking, camping and trekking. I appreciate hot water and electricity 24/7. On Sundays I like to stay home and read the NY Times. I ride a bike as much as possible, go to farmer's markets, bookstores, thrift shops and flea markets. I have a yoga-centric, low maintenance lifestyle. I appreciate good food and wine, was a personal chef, can make an authentic pad thai. An early riser since I lived aboard that sailboat —dawn is my favorite part of the day— silent and magical.