Yakushima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan! The greenest place on earth - according to locals, it rains 35 days a month.

Studio Ghibli: utter magic! Felt like I was a little kid again. Superb collection and presentation. Fantasy and talent. Lovely lovely! Sunday October 18 Up @ 5:30am. Slept poorly but feel ok. Managed to pack up and leave by 7:30. At Tokyo station one hour early. Really glad I got first class ticket and reserved seat! This place is a madhouse with a gang load of people waiting to cram into unreserved cars. I have not yet found out if I can leave the train early but am guessing it will not be a problem. Hoping... Bought an ekiben!(box lunch). Huge crowd buying them so I lined up... Looks yummy, you pull a string and wait five minutes and it heats up! Am starting to love Japan! Monday October 19 Lovely relaxing train rid