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Stop Motion animation

fabulous work -


unfortunate series of events put my 98 yr old mom, Dorothy, in a nursing home - she is sharp as a tack mentally - most of the time -

she had pneumonia - went to hospital to get that fixed (Anti-biotic IV) - waiting to be discharged, she fell and fractured her lowest vertebra (or, as she put it, broke her ass ) -

moved to a rehab facility - where she was walking on the parallel bars with help - But, then stopped eating - except for dessert. At 98 - she is fragile and stubborn - hopefully she will rally and get well/

Wed Feb 4

Mom ia eating again - walking (with help) and talking about getting back home asap ! what a gal!

FEb 21 Saturday

Mom is walking with a cane - - NExt week she will be dancing !
Go Ma !

Saturday February 28

Mom's home - What an indomitable spirit! People who are 75 years younger look like wimps by comparison!

Wednesday march 4

After being home for a couple of days Mom stopped taking her meds - bad idea - and refused to sleep with the oxygen she needs - he…