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Manhattan to Amsterdam September 24, 2013

Because Obama is at the UN all week, the Upper East side is gridlocked. 1st avenue is CLOSED along with the FDR drive and all cross town streets from 42nd to 50th. Sidewalks are more packed than seems possible. Pulling my suitcase was a dodgeball game! Everyone driving a car is angry and leans on their horn to let you know it. It was mayhem on the streets. Private cars ought to be forbidden in downtown and mid-town Manhattan or charged a fee to drive through these areas like they do in Singapore. I left E. 74th street @ 1:30pm thinking it would take me 3 or 4 hours to get to the airport. I wound up waiting over 4 hours at JFK - which was not so bad. The new Delta terminal is airy and light and there is a Peet's coffee, but no yoga room as there is at SFO. I was the only stand-by for the one un-sold seat on the flight to Amsterdam. We arrived 15 minutes early but there was no open gate for us to debark so we sat on the tarmac and waited half an hour. Getting out of Schipol …
getting ready to travel : New York & Amsterdam two of my favorite cities. Going to feast my eyes on art at some of the worlds' greatest museums - :