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Ash in the air

sun in smoky sky from Mt Tam
Though more than 100 miles away, smoke from the fires in Northern California make the light in the City eerie and wan.

Yesterday I was riding the #1 California bus thinking how odd it was that almost everyone had really bad dandruff - until I realized they all had ashes on their hair and shoulders ! Tiny bits of ash are floating in the air - coating everything. Many people have a cough (me, included) and have burning, tearing eyes.

Today - Sunday June 29th - is a little better - the fog rolled in yesterday and washed the air . But its still scary and strange - knowing that our forests are on fire - thousands of people are cutting the brush, dumping fire retardant from helicopters and yet, the fires still burn.

Having lived in the path of the 1976 Marble-Cone fire that consumed thousands of acres in the Los Padres Forest- I am sadly familiar with the devastation forest fires wreak. Once the fire is out - more problems start. If we have fierce rains…

Aquatic Park with Seamus

We walked over Pacific Heights and Russian Hill to Aquatic Park - Seamus got soo excited when he saw the water I had to let him off the leash or he would have pulled me down !

We played catch with a ball and he gallumphed into the bay a dozen or more times - gleefullly swimming back with the ball - racing up the beach to drop the ball - dig a big hole and roll in the sand. He was having so much fun - tourists stopped to watch him - a bunch of kids played ball with him-

This is one happy, dirty dog!
He was soooo dirty I thought the driver might not let him on the bus to go home! After letting him have a long nap I made him take a bath and a shower - He left a ton of sand in the tub !

Summer Solstice

from the roof - mid day

Flower of the day ! Petunia

a visit from Anya - happy day


why i go to the gym

Kyle - fun Pilates instructor in the studio -

pool has skylights overhead
Daryl - Hip Hop Dance teacher- its inspiring to watch him dance + a great workout

Chihuly at DeYoung - June 14 opening day

belly dancer performing outside-

stilt walkers Japanese style

the glass is astonishing - the size - the shapes - the colors - the fantasy of it all is spectacular

boat of spheres - these are Big ! the boat could easily hold 6 people

a glass ceiling

fungi on logs

a museum guard said it took 25 people a week to mount the show - - each piece of glass is individually placed in a center core in the big chandeliers - there is no diagram or schematic to follow so the glass is never mounted the same way twice -

party in the bmw showroom

BMW showroom in San Francisco

this 1957 Fretta is cool! opens in the front !

car of my dreams !

appropriate graffiti


Mini and mini reflection

Graf in parking lot on Franklin

Flower of the day ! Godelias and carnations