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skateboarding Park

BOdega BAY + OcciDentAL



Robert Moses Kin

more politics - more mind blowing - fast and furious fancy dancing


shepard fairey show- dramatic politcal exciting stuff

Fabulous weekend

Yoga classes Saturday and Sunday were wonderful - worked on feet and hips and feel super mellow.

Saturday morning biked downtown to SF MoMA at 9am - virtually empty - best time to see the heavily attended Frida show

quickie bike ride to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market for baby russian kale and gypsy carnations -

Free passes to new Coen brothers movie - Burn after Reading - hysterically funny script and performances - esp Brad Pitt- people were screaming with laughter

Erica Shuch dance theater at Yerba Buena today was Excellent !

Am happily culturated

Grateful for friends who share my enthusiasms with an abundance of spirit ~

Lookng forward to a week of kayaking and hiking in Bodega Bay! Thanks to Elderhostel Scholarship ! Yay!


A red Letter day !

I was NOT ALLOWED to buy Sake at the Japanese market today Because I did not have Proof that I was over 21 !!!!

This has to be some kind of record - to be carded at age 64 1/2 ! Sheeesh

a Stroll along Haight Street


labor day weekend

great spot on the river, beautiful garden and lawns, enjoyed canoe-ing, read Eat, Pray, Love, had good conversations with Sam - 20 yr old art student and Ryan, who came by for a visit. Contention re: fair share of costs made me uncomfortable and I am happy to be home!