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New Years Eve - from my window -


close to home

staying home - sick w/ cough more than 2 weeks!!- Seamus keeps me amused-

From my Windows

December Sunset

Quarter moon

traffic pattern on Pine Street w/ Moon

Thanksgiving in New York

two versions of my visit - different choices of photos & different music

top one is in chronological order

New York November 2007

clock on fifth avenue
amie and jeff and sammy and cousin jay
dad's old office building - one block from world trade center site
Bloomingdales christmas window

a beautiful lion for Lyn G
at the Modern
from Orlees roof - 30 stories above 2nd Av

a pocket park gate
more christmas windows
fifth av and 59 th st
Tiffanys Xmas window
Rockefeller center
Jackie Reeves sitting by her favorite view of Central Park

JEff and Sammy wait for the subway
building near union square
downtown in the rain
with Gilbert at his apartment

Where we met 40+ years ago
25 lb Turkey !

Scot at Union Square
Harrison in the Snow

Anya's Florida trip Fall 2007

Rina, her son Ben and GiGi
Anya & her grandpa Hu
Rachel ~
Benjamin ~
Ronni, Jack and their oldest grandson Benjamin ~ Serious eatin'
Mom doing her puzzle at home with her big magnifying glass
mom & her pal jeanette - friends for over 75 years!
mom, ronni and jack

Seattle Pix Fall 07

a bridge in Seattle
Anya warming up with a cup of something that looks delish !

October Sunset

after 2 rainy days there was a lull in the rain and this spectacular sunset before another set of rain clouds covered the CIty
- from my window Friday October 11, 2007

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

The mellow crowd

John Prine

Boz Scaggs

there were 5 stages - spaced far enough apart so the sound didn't
overlap - in different little vales and meadows - the
organizers used the space wisely -

the road was closed to cars so people
could walk on the road between the concert areas -

over 40 crowd - very mellow - no tobacco use allowed in the park
but plenty of pot being smoked and passed around - no one got rowdy on
alcohol - lots of standees swaying to the music -

John Prine was amazing and funny -
Boz Scaggs sang and played beautifully-
Jorma Kaokaunen and Barry (?) on mandolin
wove intricate melodies like ragas
that took me to fanatsy dreamworlds -
I heard David Grisman and many others -

The weather was perfect - sunny and cool -

the blue angels occasionally blasted by
in formations overhead - not often enough to
spoil the music -

as i was leaving i passed John Cippolini,
Jorma Kaokaunen and Wavy Gravy
with their arms around each others shoulders -
yakking like the old friends they ar…

Yuba River Hike - 97 degrees at 10am

I climbed a challenging part of the trail (behind me) - Good new hip!

My Belize Vacation

Carnaval ! San Francisco 2007- ~

Carnaval is evidence of the multi-culturalism of this City,
San Francisco loves a good party ~
dressing up, shaking bootie and
celebrating life.

zzTop music + mash-up video



Family and friends

anya, my daughter - -in seattle, may 2007 photos by chris brown

My pal Rosemarie and her granddaughter Willow : May 22, 2007 aboard the Balclutha at the Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco

Saturday in Golden Gate Park

Niece Amie, her husband Jeff and I biked the Embarcadero from the new ball park to Hyde Street Pier and back
-> fun!
Amie and Jeff and their pal Mitch (center)
Mission Street San Francisco April 22, 2007 - last day of their visit

2007 .:. Jeff and Amies Boyz Harrison -


(back row) My niece Amie & nephew Scot & my sister Ronni & Jack, my brother in law.
(in front) My Mom + my niece Rina + her children >> my grand-niece Rachel + my grand-nephew Ben, August 2006 New Jersey @ Sam's 2nd birthday

My sister Ronni and brother-in-law Jack -
Las Vegas - March 07