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Happy New Year !

San Francisco's new Contemporary Jewish Museum

plaza between Market Steet and Yerba Buena Center - posh and sleek -

storm coming ~ dec 08

from the roof

mid- December Sunset ~

angel wings in the sky

Rainbow in the Morning

thrilling image outside my windows this morning !

Jehanne's BeesWax Quilt

featured at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, December 5, 2008

Linton enjoying life

florida visit

mom enjoying the sun

my niece's backyard on a lake with 'gators

my sisters home - filled with antiques

the resistance pool - fun swim

nearby orchid gardens in Morikami park

Sailing on the Bay ~ a perfect sunny day


Delinquent ~ dance theater directed by Keith Hennessey
wonderful work addressing the inequities of the juvenile "justice" system-

Haitian Dance Master Class

amazing class last night - 8 drummers ! 3 Haitian dance teachers - jumping and grinning on everyone's part !
the best cure for the blah's !
came home tired and sweaty + slept like a log.

not quite right

fighting off a virus - or something

low energy, post-elation/election blahs.

treated myself to this gorgeous bouquet from the farmers market

Election Night - dancing in the streets of Seattle

photos by chris brown -

A New Era in the USA begins Now

What a thrill

to have participated in freedom rides and anti-war marches in the 60s + 70s -

to this moment in history.

There is Hope !

Election Day Nov 08

this morning dawned bright and clear after days of nasty weather

last weekend - bad weather coming in over the bay -
night before last - clear skies at ocean beach - hard rain over the city

Sailing on the ALma

under the Golden Gate Bridge

my buddy Dave Glass enjoying the sunny weather

A delightful sail under the Golden Gate Bridge - perfect day -

A 1940 Ford truck - part of the collection of old cars and trucks onboard the ferry Eureka

Sarah Silverman : vote for Obama

Rap for Obama

Fleet Week - the Blue Angels Buzz the Bay

LOUD planes buzzed over the City for days as they rehearsed tight formations and death defying stunts - you cannot ignore them as they fly over the City and the Bay

skateboarding Park

BOdega BAY + OcciDentAL