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Train rides : Netherlands + Belgium



my apartment is on top floor - under the hook - the stairs are practically vertical - climbing up, your face is right in front of the next few steps - realllly steep - feels like you can ski down - those hooks on the roof are still in use !
i liked this leggings display - there is a daily market on the street one block from my apartment - you can buy anything there ! very close to Troppen Museum - sort of like Central Park West

graf in gent

gent dragon - i thought it was a duck
Patershol - oldest part of gent - very charming - like old greenwich village - no cars -
amsterdam - there are wildly painted elephants all over the city - this one in front of the hermitage



from the window Brussels
Buying Bread Moroccan shop
Maidie and JeanMarc
Maidie her son Marco and his girlfriend Twee
JeanMarc said "make a strange face -" so I did - in front of chocolate shop
View from my window in Gent

Street sign Gent

Graf Gent