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Fremont Solstice Parade + Naked Bike Ride, Seattle Washington June 19,2010



Amy Seiwert _ closing night at SF Interntl Arts Fest

San Francisco from the air at Dusk

Looking North NW towards Marin
4 tall rectangular buildings near the bay outlined in lights are the Embarcadero center-
the wide street cutting past the Transamerica Pyramid towards the bay is Columbus-
the tall cluster of buildings south of Market St sprang up in the 80s + 90s
obliterating the views to south and east of the hills and the bay-
the big black B of A building is still an easy landmark - but no longer the tallest building in SF


Hiromitsu Agatsuma Yuudachi

tomorrow in Union Square - could be fun to see

Derevo - black dance

looking forward to seeing this group perform in San Francisco

Bay Area National Dance Week

fun time yesterday =

Bay Area Dance Week free class called Body of Sound - about 50-60 people - mostly young dancers - more women than men - all fit and excited to be there - in a big circle - call and response - clapping hands, slapping thighs to make sounds - snapping fingers etc - swooping and later dancing in small groups - contact improvisation with 2 - then 3 then 5 people holding palm to palm - realllly a great time !

walking with Seamus -

north thru Lafayette park to look at the Bay - view of Alcatraz from the top of OCtavia Street

ZipLining along the Embarcadero by the Ferry building


Raven + Batman in Sebastopol


Spring is sprung

the grass is riz'
and everyone is sneezing from allergies -

i hear birds chirping in the trees below my windows (8th floor)

the days are growing longer and warmer -

the world feels new again

Alice in Wonderland - by Tim Burton

verrry cool

gahan wilson - soo funny

great purple wig -

fill in the name address and date of birth fields to see trailer

In Defense of Food - Michael Pollan

Valentines Day & Chinese New Years


cool motion graphics

Danish Music Awards 2009 - DMA09 from Stupid Studio on Vimeo.

they did a lot with color and form

Steve Jobs addresses Stanford graduation 2005

Stay hungry - Stay Foolish

Glad to be home

It was great to see my mom thriving in assisted living facility - Sing-a-Longs at 4pm everyday in the Atrium - a grand piano - sometimes an electric guitar - and enthusiastic participation by most of the community - She is playing cards and bingo - enjoying new friends - living with other oldies suits her - she has play-mates and play-dates. Her life is good - limited mobility has made her world a tiny one - but there is enough variety so that she is happy. whew -

good to be back in SF - where I can get a good baguette - am sooo spoiled - : )